Iris Rice

Administrative Assistant 

Phone: (434) 528-3397

Iris Rice is a Lynchburg, VA native. She graduated from Radford University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Theater and Speech, acting in plays with Kathryn Houghton, John Amos, and Kim Hunter. In 1997, Iris graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary with honors, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Care and Psychology. After graduation, she worked as a Pastoral Counselor and Liturgist. Before returning to Lynchburg, VA, Iris worked as Manager of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at the Parenteral Drug Association in Bethesda, MD, and as Governance Administrator at the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions in Bethesda, MD. In 2015, Iris returned to Lynchburg, VA, where she worked as a project coordinator from 2015 through early 2019. Iris is also the Associate Pastor and Director of Music Ministry at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. She has over 34 years of experience with administrative support. She is also a writer, and has published two works: “Dark Delusion” (2004, Publish America), and “The Circumvention of Stalking: Subjugating the Forces of Darkness” (2018, Christian Faith Publishing).